HireHop show Powerful Rental and Asset Management Software at BSC 2022

GBIN spoke to the team at Hirehop at BSC to about the solutions the company has to offer.

“HireHop was created to offer the broadcast industry affordable, modern and powerful rental and asset management software. Created by people who have worked in the broadcast rental industry, as well as our users, who have told us what they need and want. This experience and feedback has allowed us to provide a perfectly tailored software for businesses like yours, bringing you the most intuitive, powerful, versatile and feature rich cloud rental and asset management software in the world.”

Due to its advanced features, ease of use, and affordability, HireHop is currently being used by some of the largest rental companies in the world and some of the smallest. You can start using HireHop for free today to see why so many other rental companies are.

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