PARIS, FR, November 9th, 2022: After successfully launching its workspace for video production teams at IBC 2022, Limecraft announced at SATIS 2022 today the next version of its online platform, now including self-service onboarding and account management. Limecraft’s aim is to become the premier workspace for small and medium-sized production companies.

Known for its leadership in AI-powered shot listing, transcription and subtitling, Limecraft Workspace for Video Teams is also available to small and medium-sized businesses as of today. Through a self-service onboarding and account management console, the size and functionality of customers’ workspace can be fine-tuned to their specific requirements in a few easy clicks. A free trial plan allows them to try the solution without risk. Going forward, they only pay for what they are using; no long-term commitment asked. It allows them to easily spin up and wind down complementary services, and to order extra volumes accordingly.

“Large producers and broadcasters have recently spent millions on forklifting their back offices to the cloud, allowing them to use AI services to automate repetitive steps in production processes,” says Nico Oorts, co-founder and Head of Product at Limecraft. “Small and medium-sized businesses are left behind because the costs of cloud storage and cloud computing are prohibitive. As they don’t have access to these technologies, many of them fall back to manual work and excessive copying and pasting, which are slow, expensive, and prone to errors.

“To add value and save time, point solutions have to be integrated and that rapidly adds to the complexity. Using Limecraft, small and medium-sized businesses now also have access to an integrated solution without further software development. We help them compete with larger producers operating on big budgets. All of that without vendor lock-in, easily accessible through no-code workflows, giving them an unprecedented level of collaboration.”

“This is our most important product update to date”, adds Maarten Verwaest, co-founder and CEO at Limecraft. “What was initially developed in response to global macro-economic challenges with the support of Flanders Investment & Trade became a platform that enables video teams worldwide to collaborate and co-produce on a global scale. It allows the creative industry as a whole to step up their business.”

Limecraft is the online workspace for video teams, with streamlined and customisable workflows optimised for maximum collaboration. It accesses media on local storage and is built with artificial intelligence at its core. AI transcription and image recognition help users by automating repetitive tasks such as indexing content, ingest orchestration, subtitling and shot listing, thus saving time for creative storytelling.

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