At BSC 2022 Fiilex presented its latest LED fresnel the Fiilex Q10 Color

At BSC 2022, Fiilex presented its latest LED fresnel, the Fiilex Q10 Color.  Q10 Color is a powerful 900W LED fresnel and is viewed by many DPs and gaffers as a new typ

e of 5K tungsten. As a fresnel, this bright fixture will allow high quality colors to be called out quickly and delivered to the desired places. It is an innovation that will help production to move faster and more efficiently.

Fiilex is leading the way in the transition of LED Fresnels in the

motion picture industry. In 2014, using a proprietary LED source, Fiilex released an award winning 180W CCT tunable LED fresnel that also comes with an advanced color science, allowing the light to maintain very high CRI and TLCI in the full CCT tuning range


In 2019, Fiilex completed a major update to its product line and released its first Q-Series “Color” fresnel, which includes RGB colors. Since then, Fiilex expanded the “Color” capability to the full product line: from Q5, Q8, to P3 and Matrix. All Fiilex Color products now share the same color index profile and work seamlessly together as a group.



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