VR documentary ‘Inside Covid19’ nominated for EmmyAwards 2021
Nominated for the Emmy’s Outstanding Interactive Program 2021 Category, ‘Inside COVID19’
is a first-hand cinematic VR journey into Dr. Josiah Child’s fight for his life as he navigates the
viewers through the personal, global and scientific complexities of the pandemic. This highly
emotional piece that everyone can relate to in one way or another was created by WisdomVR
Project who relied on Mistika VR for the optical flow stitching.

Inside COVID19 is the latest collaboration between award-winning documentary
filmmakers Adam Loften and Gary Yost. “Every single shot was stitched in Mistika VR
and we could not have delivered the project without it. Mistika VR is fast, reliable and
produces very high-quality results,” shared Gary. Produced in stereoscopic 7K 360°
video, this immersive experience transports the spectator from hospitals and the
streets of San Francisco to the high desert of New Mexico, as we relive the personal
journey of Josiah and his family’s fight with the virus.

The extremely tight schedule was one of the biggest challenges for Gary and the team.
“Mistika VR was the workhorse that allowed us to be as efficient as humanly possible
and stitch over 800 shots in proxy format and then convert them to create 28 minutes
of final 6720×6720 stitching with extremely natural stereoscopic imaging. The optical
flow control parameters and animated stereoscopic edge points are a dream come

www.sgo.es The project is available for free on Oculus TV for the Oculus Quest Platform.

About WisdomVR
WisdomVR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation creating a living library of immersive cinematic
documentary experiences that preserve quickly-disappearing knowledge for generations to
come. The foundation has launched ten of these experiences in 2020 and all are available for
free on Oculus TV.

About SGO & Mistika Technology
SGO is a Spanish high-end technology company with decades of experience in developing and
integrating high-end post-production solutions. Their award-winning post-production turn-key solution
Mistika Ultima has achieved market notoriety for developing customized post tools and workflows for
many of the industry leaders all around the world. Built on years of research, development and
production experience, Mistika Technology empowers users with new levels of creative power,
performance, and efficiency in HDR, UHD/4K, 8K, S3D and VR workflows

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