Datos Media Technologies has been in charge of integrating a legal copy recording system with cloud availability for TVE. For this project, Actus Digital has been chosen, which has experience in this type of project providing innovation, quality, and safety.

“We have seen that customers started to move to cloud based solutions before the pandemic and the pandemic have speed up the process as people had to work from remote the entire time”, says Sima Levy, Actus CEO. Actus system works in any deployment needed: on premise, VM, cloud or Hybrid. This is completely transparent to the end users who are suing the system from anywhere, anytime, from any workstation. The solution is a complete redundant system to assure no point of failure and the highest standards. We are happy that RTVE is happy with the services provided by Actus media platform.

For this case, the Actus Digital (https://actusdigital.com/) platform is configured to record 12 channels simultaneously, 9 of them for DTT and 3 for satellite. The 1 HD, the 2 HD, 24h, Clan HD, tdp HD, TVE Europe, TVE America, TVE Asia among others, will be the signals that will be recorded. The availability of images is more than 6 months old, having the possibility of accessing that content through the cloud for viewing, selection and downloading.

Actus is integrated in the cloud, which confers a degree of ubiquity to the user with the possibility of access, with their credentials, from any site with internet and with a browser compatible with the HTML5 protocol.

The user not only has the tools to select and download the desired fragment, but can also apply effects to hide faces, insert logo or silence it. This system provides access to fifty users concurrently.

This system also has different options to allow each of the recording signals to be monitored and to generate alerts in the event of absence of signal, black on screen, image freeze, as well as detection of silence. It also offers us the possibility of scheduling reports on loudness in certain time frames.

“Given the needs of accessibility, storage time and security, we have decided to opt for Actus Digital technology. It really is the best option to record a dozen channels simultaneously and without interruptions, and also has the option that more than 50 users can connect, choose and edit a fragment of the broadcast of any of the channels. ”

Rafael Zapadiel , Sales of Datos Media.

Finally, it should be noted that this entire project that includes the process of integration, start-up, and technical and operational training for end users of RTVE has been carried out during a pandemic and without affecting the production of the Entity.

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