Louisville, KY – ZEISS Photography, a global leader in precision optics, is set to make a significant impact at the ImagingUSA 2024 convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Scheduled from January 28-30, the event promises to be a hub for photography enthusiasts, professionals, and industry experts. ZEISS has announced its participation at Booth #342, where it plans to showcase its latest advancements in photography lenses for both film and digital cameras.

The convention, which annually attracts a large audience, will serve as an ideal platform for ZEISS to demonstrate the capabilities of its world-renowned glass. The company is known for its relentless pursuit of excellence in lens manufacturing, contributing to groundbreaking photography and cinematography.

In a bid to provide a hands-on experience, ZEISS invites visitors to explore the intricate craftsmanship and superior performance of their lenses. This opportunity is perfect for both seasoned photographers and those new to the craft, to see firsthand what ZEISS lenses can achieve.

Adding to the excitement, ZEISS has arranged for special guest appearances by renowned photography influencers and ZEISS Ambassadors, Tracy Bosworth Page and Professor Hines. Tracy Bosworth Page, known for her exceptional work in portraiture, will be sharing insights into capturing the essence of a subject. Meanwhile, Professor Hines, a celebrated name in street photography, will offer his perspectives on capturing the vibrant and often unpredictable world of urban landscapes.

Their presentations are expected to provide valuable learning experiences for attendees, combining practical advice with creative inspiration. These sessions will also offer a unique chance for budding photographers to interact with professionals at the top of their field.

The ImagingUSA convention is more than just an exhibition; it’s a gathering that celebrates the art and science of photography. ZEISS’s participation is set to be a highlight of the event, offering a blend of technical innovation and artistic mastery.

ZEISS’s booth is expected to be a buzzing center of activity, with demonstrations, interactive sessions, and opportunities to discuss with experts and fellow photography enthusiasts. For those passionate about photography, whether it be in film or digital format, this event is a must-visit.

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