San Francisco, December 14, 2023 – LucidLink, pioneers in enabling instant access to data and real-time collaboration for the world’s most creative companies, has partnered with Magicbox, creators of the mobile virtual production studio, to deliver innovative virtual production workflows for motion picture productions and immersive experiences.

Modern virtual production, inside LED volumes, has significantly impacted the media and entertainment industry, providing content producers more control over the production process and making productions faster, safer, and less expensive.

At Adobe Max 2023, Magicbox delivered the innovative Magicbox Mobile Superstudio™, a fully functioning LED volume and computer control center packed inside a transforming semi-trailer. Inside Magicbox, attendees experienced a live virtual production set first-hand as they starred in their own jungle adventure movie which was enabled using LucidLink. Visitors lined up to participate in an immersive motion picture experience called ‘Jungle Hunt’ which took place inside the 600 square-foot transforming semi-trailer.


Brian T. Nowac, CEO and Founder of Magicbox, said, “We wanted to demonstrate the limitless creative possibilities of virtual production in our mobile virtual production studio, so we developed this interactive digital experience for Adobe Max. The experience drove overwhelming interest from the show’s attendees engaging with more than 10% of the show’s attendance.”

“Everyone who took part became the star of their own jungle adventure movie they could almost instantly download to their mobile phone,” Nowac added,  The secret to the fast turnaround was using LucidLink to allow editors to remotely edit the personalized souvenir movies from the cloud. We wanted our guests to receive a premium Hollywood movie production experience, and LucidLink was behind the magic that made it all possible. We hope the experience demonstrated all the possibilities mobile virtual production workflows enable to make movies and immersive experiences everyone will enjoy.”

With LucidLink, clients can now connect quickly to footage captured on set, and with Magicbox, the set can be almost anywhere. A producer or an editor can be located anywhere, in the same building or in a different time zone. The virtual production workflow remains the same, with the benefit of shared access to the media assets stored in the cloud as they are produced. Downloading or transferring media is not necessary.


The Magicbox Jungle Hunt activation resulted from several technologies used throughout the media and entertainment industry.

Footage was captured on Red Komodo cameras and uploaded to through the Camera2Cloud feature, and then downloaded to Lucidlink where video editors were able to quickly insert the clips into a templated sequence that was stored on Lucidlink. The final souvenir movie files were then uploaded quickly to where attendees could download them to their phones.

“LucidLink is allowing Creatives to concentrate and create at the speed of thought rather than the speed of technology,” said Peter Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder of LucidLink.

A video about the ‘Jungle Hunt’ experience at Adobe Max can be found here.

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