Lightware and NETGEAR Deliver New Solutions for the future of Hybrid Pro AV/IT Environments

Lightware Visual Engineering and NETGEAR are streamlining the process of merging traditional pro AV and emerging IT environments to create seamless user experiences across a range of commercial applications. The two companies are working together to create a repository of intuitive resources and documentation highlighting how their respective products can be seamlessly integrated to remove much of he complexity users face during hybrid AV/IT installations.

By working together, Lightware and NETGEAR are addressing one of the biggest challenges faced by system designers and network infrastructure specialists: evaluating the hundreds of available IT and/or AV options to select the right devices that reliably work together.

This collaboration is designed to explore the potential joint applications using Lightware and NETGEAR technologies. Lightware’s AV-over-IP devices, UBEX and VINX solutions work together with NETGEAR’S switches helping users get the highest performance from their systems, whether their goal is to find new devices or to easily configure existing ones. NETGEAR’S full line of M4300, M4500, and the new M4250 series switches provide a range of configurations along with powerful PoE options. All are fully compatible with Lightware’s devices, including the UBEX and VINX AV-over-IP systems.

“The AV industry is increasingly relying on existing IT infrastructure for transmitting high-resolution video signals, rapidly accelerating the need for new signal management devices that are compatible with these environments,” said Gergely Vida, CEO & founder of Lightware. “Our goal is to give customers reliable, tried and tested solutions when it comes to building systems that offer the best of both the pro AV and IT worlds, making life easier for end-users and letting them focus on their business, not the technology behind the scenes.”

Both companies have complementary resources that benefit their mutual customers. NETGEAR has a dedicated team of AV-over-IP professionals available to assist system designers and end-users with building infrastructures that fit their needs. Lightware’s support engineers are also readily available and offer easy-to-use, downloadable configuration files specifically created for NETGEAR switches.

“Lightware has a proven track record of seamlessly integrating and operating with the most widely accepted networking equipment on the market,” said John Henkel, Director of SMB Product Marketing at NETGEAR. “Lightware and NETGEAR devices also have a long history of being successfully used together in diverse projects and installations. We’re looking forward to continuing this collaboration and working together to drive the AV/IT industries forward.”

About Lightware Visual Engineering

Founded in 1998, Lightware Visual Engineering is a leading manufacturer of DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort matrix switchers, signal extenders and accessories for the professional AV market. Lightware’s goal is to recognize industry needs and develop performance-rich products of the highest quality by continuously consulting with integrators, rental technicians and design engineers. Headquartered in Hungary, Lightware’s products are available in over 40 countries across Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States.

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