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Leader ‘True Hybrid’ IP and SDI test and measurment

Leader Electronics Corporation

Leader Electronics is a manufacturer specialized in electronic measuring instruments. Our strengths lie in video related fields including high definition video for television, motion pictures and so on, and our main business is to develop, manufacture and sell a wide variety of electronic measuring instruments, including measuring instruments for broadcasting stations, measuring instruments for consumer electronics production automation and labor-saving, and measuring instruments for maintenance.

Video and Broadcast Related Products

These are measuring instrument mainly for broadcast stations and video production facilities. Waveform monitors are devices that visualize and analyze the color, brightness and other characteristics of the input video signal in real time. At television stations, video production companies and other production facilities, waveform monitors are essential equipment for checking video.

In recent years, along with the digitization of video signals, waveform monitors have become even more functional owing to the need to display additional information such as audio information. Test signal generators are devices indispensable for generating a reference signal at broadcast stations to ensure stable broadcast free of interruptions and quality variations.

A mark of the high trust enjoyed by our video technology is the adoption of our products in the broadcasting environment, where mistakes are not allowed.


The LV5900 waveform monitor

The LV5900 waveform monitor supports SMPTE ST 2082-12, which is used to receive 7680(8192)x4320 / 59.94P YCBCR10bit 8K video via 12G-SDI QUAD LINK. As it supports not only 8K but also a 4k input and four simultaneous HD inputs, you can use it as a high-end 8K system and switch between other systems as needed.
The waveform, vector, picture, and eye pattern display allows for the measurement and quality control of various video signals. The status display allows you to view various error statuses and check on system stability by viewing event logs and long-term charts.


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