Once again, one of the industry’s premier motion picture pioneers opens its doors to the Cine Gear Expo community. This summer the show will be held at historic Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. Established over one hundred years ago, the iconic studio is the home of a century of cultural touchstones from classics The Jazz Singer, Casablanca, Looney Tunes, Rebel Without a Cause, and My Fair Lady, to current award-winners Barbie and Abbot Elementary. Today the 110-acre main lot encompasses 29 sound stages and 11 exterior sets and offers a range of production rentals and services, from prep through post.

A fitting backdrop for the Cine Gear industry tradeshow, visitors can enjoy outdoor booths on Warner Bros. Midwest and French Streets, former home to The Music Man, Bonny and Clyde, and Gilmore Girls. Simultaneously the Friends and Young Sheldon stages will house indoor booths filled with the latest tech from popular equipment vendors.

Warner Bros. Studios is a full service facility also offers state-of-the-art venues like the Steven J. Ross Theatre to accommodate Cine Gear’s hallmark Film Competition and Screening Series, and presentations.

This year’s Cine Gear Expo at Warner Bros. Studios holds much to look forward to, from technology previews, film screenings, educational panels, guild and association presentations, filmmaker talks, to the best mingling in the biz, all under the California sunshine.

Cine Gear Registration is Open NOW and Free (before May 28, 2024, 11:59pm PDT).

For directions, schedule and more information on all upcoming shows, industry vendors and happenings click here.

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