Brainstorm InfinitySet at the heart of Broadley TV Studios Virtual Production  

Madrid, July 4th, 2023. Brainstorm, the leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, announces that Broadley TV Studios, one of London’s longest-established TV and film production facilities, has selected InfinitySet to empower their recently launched virtual production operations. InfinitySet’s revolutionary technology and vast feature set will enable Broadley TV Studios to create high-quality virtual sets and environments that integrate seamlessly with live-action footage, providing an innovative and cost-effective solution for all types of film, TV, and content production. 

InfinitySet is the ultimate virtual set, AR, XR, and real-time 3D graphics solution, not just for showcasing a vast range of extremely advanced technologies, but also for the flexibility it gives to operators and producers alike. For virtual production, InfinitySet not only offers advanced tools for photorealistic real-time content creation but also integrates perfectly into any broadcast workflow. Combined with Mo-Sys and ViveMars motion camera tracking, and Aston 3D graphics, it redefines Broadley TV Studios’ offering and enables their experienced team to deliver world-class content to a breadth of clients from networks, corporations, production companies, and creators. 

Broadley TV Studios has upgraded their entire infrastructure and workflows, creating a unique studio for central London dedicated to managing virtual production projects, coupled with the incorporation of new dedicated staff. As Richard Landy, Broadley’s founder and MD, says “Virtual production is new and we’ve embraced the R&D process to get to the place we’re at now, with a fully integrated software system, powered by Brainstorm InfinitySet. I’ve always strived to keep the Studio’s ahead of the curve and believe it’s the right time to offer this next generation technology for creative innovation and, make it more widely accessible”.   

“Brainstorm is delighted to contribute with our 30 year-long experience in real-time 3D graphics, AR, XR and virtual sets to make Broadley TV Studios go-to virtual production reference site right in the centre of London” says David Alexander, Brainstorm commercial director “The combination of InfinitySet and Aston provides the best-of-breed environment for any virtual content production, from real-time graphics to advanced virtual environments involving hyper realistic scenes and augmented reality”. 

Broadley and Brainstorm in the studio

Broadley and Brainstorm in the studio

 About Broadley (  

Broadley offers 2 broadcast studios located in the heart of London offering an array of exceptional services, including virtual production powered by Brainstorm software, Aston 3D graphics, and Mo-Sys motion camera tracking. We’re experts in complex live streaming, green screen, and content creation. Both studios 1 and 2 are fully soundproofed built as infinity coves and easily converted for film shoots either on white, green, or a black box studio setting. Our state-of-the-art tech includes Sony FX9s, LED lighting rigs, integrated Black magic, and Tri-caster galleries all served by uncontended fiber internet. 

 Broadley Studios was established in 1984 and we’ve cultivated long-lasting working relationships with household names from TV, streaming networks, brands, and corporations including Netflix, Disney, and, BBC, L’Oréal, and many others. In addition to our slick and agile production services, the studios also provide a truly creative and historic home for clients and star talents, with three green rooms, two dressing rooms, and masses of personality, just like founder and MD, Richard Landy. Expect Banksy art and excellent coffee too.


Addi Merrill, Marketing [email protected] 07502 223396  

Richard Landy, MD [email protected] 07958 921501 

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