Bebob Batteries power on at BSC Expo 2022

Jon Greive of Bebob told GBIN that demand for Bebob batteries and accessories has never been stronger and the company is finding it is having to run really fast to keep up with demand. Success is nothing new for Bebob, for over 25 years, Bebob has specialized in manufacturing premium batteries and accessories for the Film Industry, technical innovation and proven quality products made in Germany are the hallmarks of Bebob. The battery manufacturer, founded in 1995, is today one of the most renowned battery manufacturers in the film industry. Tens of thousands of Bebob batteries and chargers are currently in use in film and television studios around the world. The manufacturing process always meets the highest quality standards, both in the bebob factory as well as individual suppliers in the Munich area. 

Bebob’s product range includes V-mount, B-mount and Gold Mount compatible batteries, miniature batteries, chargers, adapters and hot-swap adapters. Innovative solutions such as the ultra-compact Vmicro and Amicro batteries or the CUBE 1200, a wide voltage range Li-Ion battery with excellent 1176 Wh power and built-in chargers. Recently, bebob has launched a brand new B-Mount battery interface and a range of new products. 

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