Soundview Media Partners is thrilled to announce its expansive collection of films tailored for educational use, available in both DVD with Public Performance Rights (PPR) and Digital Licensing formats.

From enlightening documentaries and groundbreaking stories to musicals and true crime, Soundview offers a plethora of subjects tailored to various academic and thematic interests. These include but aren’t limited to Art & Music, Environmental Studies, Politics, Black History, Health, Native American Studies, Religion, Social Issues, and Biographies. Explore these and much more on their official platform.

Below are some highlighted releases from their newest collection:

  • MARGARET FULLER: TRANSATLANTIC REVOLUTIONARY: Dive deep into the life of Margaret Fuller, the prominent female intellectual of the mid-Victorian Age. This film bridges the gap between her era and ours, spotlighting her indomitable spirit in challenging gender norms.
  • JANE EYRE (1961): Journey with Jane Eyre as she navigates her tumultuous life from an orphanage to Thornfield Hall. Produced by David Susskind, this adaptation breaks the tale into five compelling segments.
  • ACCION MUTANTE: Experience a 4K-restored version of this 1993 classic. Dive into a dystopian future where a disabled terrorist organization flips the power dynamics.
  • LEDA: This contemporary take on the Greek myth “Leda and the Swan” fuses mythology with folk horror, presenting a cutting-edge cinematic experience.
  • BETWEEN THE SHADES: Venture into the diverse spectrum of LGBTQ America. This documentary delves into over fifty conversations about identity, life, challenges, and victories.
  • SHABU: Witness the life of Shabu, a 14-year-old Dutch-Surinamese aspiring artist from Rotterdam. A film that resonated at the Socially Relevant Film Festival at Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater.
  • HUTSULKA KSENYA: Embark on a musical journey set in 1939 Ukraine, a tale of love, tradition, and family ties.
  • IN THE ARMS OF MORPHEUS: Delve into the mysterious realm of sleep, a world we all visit but never truly understand.
  • GEMMEL & TIM: A deep dive into the tragic stories of Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean, two Black gay men tied to West Hollywood politico Ed Buck.

This is merely a glimpse. Soundview boasts a collection of over 750 films, with further notable mentions like THEY SURVIVED TOGETHERALL WIGGED OUT: THE MUSICALA HANDFUL OF WATER, and VOODOO MACBETH.

Discover the full assortment and further details at SOUNDVIEW MEDIA PARTNERS / EDU.

All films are available with Public Performance Rights. Small Group Screening and Digital Site Licenses also available.

For questions or additional information, write to [email protected].

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