Villrich Broadcast Demonstrates an automated PTZ solution with NDI at the NABSHOW 2022 

Villrich Broadcast | Consultancy, will be at this year’s NAB Show in Central Hall at Telescript Booth C5026, where we will demonstrate a total solution of the new Canon CR-N500 PTZ and Telescript ROBO-210-NDI a 21.5″ teleprompting system with NDI. The PTZ is automated through the Seervision Suite. The Seervision Suite integrates directly with a wide variety of Pan/Tilt Heads and PTZ cameras, and our API allows you to keep using all your existing systems while continuing the workflow of your video production. 

Canon PTZ Villrich Broadcast NAB


Telescript is a manufacturer of professional teleprompter equipment and software, including portable and studio teleprompters, public speaking systems and a full line of “NDI” monitors. Telescript has been providing professional teleprompting solutions for 60 years, and is regularly used by heads of state, CEOs, television stations and at live events. The smaller brother Script People offers an excellent entry-level model that is nicely finished with accompanying software, but is on the other hand very attractively priced. 

Telescript ROBO-210-NDI

Telescript ROBO-210-NDI 

Seervision mainly focuses on automating camera movements or AI-assisted camera operation. The software that Seervision developed for this camera automation is designed to make live video productions effortless. Powered by computer vision and machine learning, the Seervision Suite enables existing robotic cameras to autonomously track the subject and keep it in optimal framing. 

Seervision Suite

Seervision Suite

The Seervision Suite takes traditional camera presets to the next level by integrating full subject tracking and framing. With Seervision’s Adaptive Presets, the resulting shots are dynamic and fluid, so all you need to do is focus on visualizing the story you want to tell. 

By expanding the reach of autonomous cameras, the system helps production companies create more compelling content in a safer work environment with fewer people at an affordable price. 

Villrich Broadcast | Consultancy & 

Villrich Broadcast is a company specializing in the development, representation, distribution and resale of a wide variety of high-quality products for some of the most valued companies in the Broadcast, Cine and Live Entertainment industries, providing assistance in laying contacts, assist in negotiations, product placements, marketing and sales. 

Villrich Broadcast Demonstrates an automated PTZ solution with NDI at the NABSHOW 2022 

Villrich NAB Show 2022



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