The Media Production And Technology Show focus on Post Production

The Media Production & Technology Show (MPTS), the UK’s largest gathering of media and broadcast industry professionals, gives you a comprehensive view of media content production. Featuring some of the most innovative media and broadcast companies from around the globe, the show offers live product demonstrations and advice to get you up in the picture with the latest technologies and services available for your next project. More than 240 companies will showcase their products and services at this global exhibition. Visitors will enjoy an interactive exhibition and workshop program covering all aspects of broadcasting, content creation and technology, including audio, remote production, lighting, sports, education, post production and more.

Global Broadcast Indsutry News will be focusing over the next few weeks on what we can expect to see at the show, this week we are looking at the Post Production sectors presence at MPTS.

The Post-production theater will be back with examples of recent work, product masterclasses and the latest post-production workflows.

The lineup of speakers for this year’s Media Production and Technology Show (MPTS) has been announced, they include Jake Bickerton, Editorial Director – Broadcast Tech & Sport David Barrett, Head of Post Production – Plimsoll Productions Cara Kotschy, Managing Director – Residence Pictures Adam Downey, Director of Post Production – Sky Production Services, who will be talking about The State of Post Production in 2022 ,under the title “State of the nation.” This panel will discuss the changes they have had to adapt to, in ways of remote working over the last 2 years, the changing face of post production, the squeeze on budgets from clients and what is the future of Soho?

Like the rest of tthe UK economy, the post-production industry has been through significant change and disruption in the last 18 months with company consolidations and closures, but the future according to those leading the UK’s post-production businesses is looking bright.

As they contend with an influx of projects from a back-log of productions, as well as a lack of space, talent and budget restrictions, find out what the post-production industry is doing to overcome these challenges and plan for the future.

MPTS2022 will have 30 dedicated post-production exhibitors showcasing the latest in cutting-edge technologies, services and techniques, as well as a packed seminar theatre with exclusive content including: VFX training, Editors’ masterclasses, Animation & CGI, Colour correction and grading and Archiving and restoration.

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