SubtitleNEXT, favourably received at Russian Translation Forum 

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia  – PBT EU is delighted to report a successful debut of SubtitleNEXT at the “Translation Forum Russia” event with ALBA Multimedia, as major partner of the event. This year for the first time, the forum was held in hybrid form – online and live.

SubtitleNEXT products offer functionalities that cover the full scope of timed text production from creating to airing subtitles for recorded video or online events. The system can also be used for constructive tasks such as project management, billing, and resource management.

The forum is Russia’s leading annual platform in the language industry in Europe and across the ex-USSR republics, which has traditionally always attracted high-profile attendees from the European Commission, UN Information Centre, Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters and the World Intellectual Property Organisation.  This year the Translation Forum Russia forum had well over 300 participants on site and many others attending online which included heads of language service providers, in-house translators and freelancers, lecturers and university students, translation software and interpretation equipment providers, representatives of authorities, publishing houses, and so on.

Sales and Product Expert at PBT EU Maria Markovska reported her feedback of the event,

“Participating in Translation Forum Russia with ALBA Multimedia has been an exciting opportunity for SubtitleNEXT’s exposure in the market. The forum is the perfect space where professionals can exchange the latest information about cutting edge technologies and innovation and share vital knowledge about best practice. A gathering of professionals of this calibre, certainly contributes to the creation of the highest standards of professionalism being formed and maintained in the industries concerned. We found the forum to be invaluable as it encouraged live discussions and debates, and gave us an opportunity to meet new people, and reach out to colleagues. It was great to hear industry leaders and experts speaking about the latest trends in the translation services market. Many of the speeches, presentations, workshops, networking sessions, plenary sessions, panel discussions, and round tables were held in four streams during the three days of the conference.”

ALBA Multimedia’s Chief Sales Officer Elena Aleksandrova, who attended the event noted, “The forum went extremely well, and it was a great success for SubtitleNEXT too. It was very positive to hear representatives from various Russian TV channels commenting that the SubtitleNEXT platform is a beneficial solution for teams working on big projects. Some of the participants were specifically interested in SubtitleNEXT’s creative subtitles which was very encouraging too.”

Traditionally, the presentations at the forum are divided into three streams that cover business, technologies and the art of translation. Elena said, “ SubtitleNEXT was the star of the show and managed to draw equal attention from all three areas. It caught the eye of localisation business representatives, many of which were also interested in the technological side.  SubtitleNEXT also appealed to freelance audiovisual translators, working on key projects for Netflix and Amazon. Many Russian university attendees also showed a lot of interest in SubtitleNEXT which was excellent to see.”

Elena added, “We were thrilled that SubtitleNEXT also made an impression on one of the presenters at the show who made a surprise public mention in his official presentation of how useful SubtitleNEXT is for both novice and experienced freelance translators. SubtitleNEXT is an incredibly helpful tool for novices owing to its state-of-the-art and adjustable interface that can be customised to suit user preferences such as work layouts and views. It even comes with integrated help and an interactive guide along with a flexible pricing model.

Elena elaborated further, “Professional subtitlers will find SubtitleNEXT a joy to work with as the toolsets work with all video formats, including local and web video. Time can be manipulated in SubtitleNEXT which makes it possible to open and compare multiple subtitle files, conduct QC automations, allows for collaboration, and has a stunning Smart Text assist function speeding up the process. SubtitleNEXT’s integration with ASR and dictation software engines, batch conversion, various outputs such as YT, CC, SDI, DVB and others are a list of some of the many advantages SubtitleNEXT provides indicating why beginners and pros find this system a compelling solution.”

CEO of PBT EU Ivanka Vassileva concluded, “We are delighted with the outcome of the “Translation Forum Russia” event with ALBA Multimedia’s excellent support. It is rewarding to see how SubtitleNEXT has been so well received there. We appreciate all the work and dedication ALBA has assigned to giving SubtitleNEXT an excellent introduction send off at such a significant event in a very important market. It is an absolute pleasure and also energising for our team to have ALBA Multimedia as close partners. We look forward to their continued efforts to continue to expand SubtitleNEXT across Russia and the former Soviet Union countries, and we cannot wait to see what happens next.”

About SubtitleNEXT
SubtitleNEXT is a user-friendly, innovative timed-text software platform already adopted across various multimedia industries, offering live and offline subtitling. SubtitleNEXT already has a proven track record of success across Europe and the rest of the world. Throughout the entire pandemic, SubtitleNEXT has continued to support customers, owing to its flexibility and remote capabilities.  
Many of the companies that have already adopted SubtitleNEXT include the likes of Polsat, Kino Polska, OiV in Croatia, Listen Up in Bulgaria, AMC in Hungary, Hayat, HD Media, OBN, University of Warsaw, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Doli Media Studio, Spain’s UCM and The European School of Translation. Other organisations that have invested in SubtitleNEXT include Europe’s largest Belgium-based production company Videohouse where SubtitleNEXT was used for well-known TV series such as Big Little Lies, Sirens, Vikings, and many others.  The Hellenic American College of Greece is also a SubtitleNEXT fan and has equipped its Masters in Translation students with key localization skills to prepare future subtitlers with a definitive career path to face the pace of demand in the translation and creative industries.  Find out more here

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About ALBA Multimedia 
ALBA Multimedia has over 15 years of experience in providing professional AV translation and localisation services including AV productions in over 100 language combinations. ALBA’s co-owners have worked on localisation and translation projects for the likes of Netflix, Amazon, HBO, AeroGroup, DreamWorks Animation, SDI Media and other major vendors and have vast experience of editing, copyright laws and preparing complete localisation packages for AV productions including international film festivals. Visit

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