Real-Time Remote Access KVM Now with Multi-Head Support ADDERLink™ ipeps+ update enables users to visualize up to four monitors via a single workstation, from anywhere

  • Provides remote BIOS-level access to critical computers without exposure to the public internet, and without locally installing software
  • Ideal for applications requiring remote control of multi-head workstations in a secure, resilient and non-intrusive way
  • Delivers smooth motion video at up to 30 frames per second (fps)Supports enterprise-level security with Microsoft Active Directory integration

Adder Technology, a global leader in connectivity solutions and high performance IP KVM, has introduced multi-head support to its leading remote access solution, the ADDERLink™ ipeps+. At a time when organizations need to adapt and embrace off-site access to critical IT systems and networks, Adder’s ipeps range of remote connectivity solutions continue to deliver real-time, access to HD video from anywhere in the world. The ipeps+ now allows users to visualize and control up to four monitors, from a single computer, without compromising video quality.

The ipeps+ operates over an existing IP network to deliver smooth-motion video at up to 30 fps together with 24-bit colour depth. The hardware-based remote access solution can be configured to give users access to the same high-quality video, whether connected to a single, dual, or quad-head workstation.

When asked about the ADDERLink ipeps+, Trevor B., manager, production systems engineering at a leading US broadcaster, said, “The ADDERLink ipeps+ is a game changer for our engineering teams. When the pandemic began, we assessed our remote broadcasting capability to ensure that we could continue to deliver award-winning content while keeping our systems and people safe and secure. When choosing a technology, we needed something that was not only reliable, but also resilient, flexible, and easy for our engineers to support remotely. The ipeps+ continues to deliver in all these areas, allowing us to keep America up to date with daily broadcasts of our leading morning news show, all from a safe and remote distance.”

Adder’s remote access range gives BIOS-level access to critical computers without exposing them to the public internet, and without installing software, meaning users can see and control everything as if connected locally. By utilizing an existing IP network, users can access, manage, and control physical servers from any location.

Martin Norman, senior product manager, Adder Technology, commented, “We are actively working with customers with broadcasting, transport, medical and industrial applications who are looking to control remote, multi-head workstations in a secure, resilient and non-intrusive way. While operating across different industries, their common need is to visualize multiple screens in real-time, from a single workstation, without sacrificing video quality. The recent update to the ipeps+ facilitates these demands and continues to support customers as they look to remotely control multi-head workstations in the future.”

The ADDERLink ipeps+ is available through Adder’s global network of distributors and resellers.

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