Prasad Corp and ITV Content Services form a Partnership to bring Scanity 4K film scanning to the UK


May 11th, 2022 (London, UK) – Prasad, the world leader in film preservation, digitization and restoration, has formed a strategic partnership with ITV Content Services in Leeds, UK to bring the highest quality film scanner, DFT’s Scanity, to the growing new and archive film market.

Prasad is excited to partner with ITV Content Services and to bring Scanity to the north of England.” says Simon Clark, Vice-President at Prasad. “ITV Content Services have been producing some great work over the last few years, restoring many classic films and TV series”

The Scanity will bolster ITV Content Services archive, restoration, and remastering services complementing their work to scan, save and restore films for future generations.

“We are so pleased to be able to bring Scanity into ITV Content Services”, Bethan Wilkin, Head of ITV Content Services explains, “Scanity machines already digitise the latest Hollywood blockbuster films around the world and we are looking forward to offering the very best to ITV Content Services existing and future clients. Alongside our investment in a new Ultrasonic film cleaner, we are very excited about this next phase of our growth and development and are thrilled to be working with Prasad, a world leader in film scanning and restoration”.

Scanity is globally renowned as the world’s best film scanner, producing fast, high quality film digitisation for new feature films (for example – No Time To Die, The French Dispatch, Jurassic World 3, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Star Wars: The Last Jedi), film archive scanning for mass digitisation, short-form commercials, digital intermediate and new formats like 4K UHD.

About Prasad Corp:

Prasad Corp offers a comprehensive range of preservation, digitization and restoration services globally. As the proud owner of Digital Film Technology GmbH, manufacturers of Motion Picture Film Scanners, Prasad is uniquely positioned to offer convenient, strategic and wholesome preservation services to its customers both onsite and offsite. Its preservation centres are located worldwide including, Japan, India, UK, Europe and the USA and also offer preservation on-demand services to suit the needs of its customers anywhere in the world.

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About ITV Content Services:


Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire – they pride themselves on being the North of England’s home for all media digitisation, transcoding, and restoration for non-ITV clients across the UK and Europe. They can digitise various tape formats, including HDCAMSR, Digibeta, and Betacam SP, with the impressive ability to ingest in bulk, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ITV Content Services can also transfer content from older legacy formats, including 1”, D-2 and U-Matic tapes. Their RTS award winning film transfer suite is capable of 35mm and 16mm film transfer direct to 4K, using Steenbecks and now Prasad’s Scanity, using Digital Visions “Phoenix” software.

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