NAB 2022: New REMI and IP Production Solution from FOR-A Powered by AMMUX IP Technology

Collaboration Provides Seamless and Robust IP Production Solution Multi-Channel Signal Processor FA-1616 Series

Booth C5408, NAB, April 24-27 Las Vegas – FOR-A Corporation today announced a range of IP production solutions powered by broadcast-optimized transport technology from AMMUX, which will be introduced at the 2022 NAB Show.

The new REMI product range is part of FOR-A’s new architecture of “Software-Defined IP Solutions,” integrated with software-based IP technology from AMMUX. With low latency encoding and decoding and secure RIST (Reliable Internet Stream Transport), the AMMUX operating system is optimized specifically for broadcast applications. The RIST tunnel contains multiple streams of video, audio, data and equipment control simultaneously. Built-in WebRTC (Web Real-time Communication) provides free access to files from anywhere via a web browser, without need of a specific player or gateway.

“Our unique IP technology provides robust and reliable transport on FOR-A’s Software-Defined IP platform,” said Sergio Ammirata, Chief Scientist, AMMUX. “Multiple high-quality video, audio and data streams can be processed and then delivered through a secure RIST tunnel and content is accessible from anywhere using WebRTC. Plus, all of our technology is software based and can be utilized within any cloud-based production environment.”

“This is a significant step forward as we advance our remote production and IP capabilities,” said Katsuaki Kiyohara, President and Representative Director, FOR-A. “We look forward to expanding our relationship with AMMUX and integrating its IP transport technology into our entire FOR-A ecosystem.”

Satoshi Kanemura, President of FOR-A Corporation of America added, “With AMMUX inside our Software-Defined IP platform, it ensures flexible and reliable IP transport that’s tightly integrated with FOR-A’s new FA-1616 multi-purpose signal processor. We’re highly optimistic about future development of our end-to-end, cloud-based live production solutions.”

About FOR-A

FOR-A, a worldwide, industry-leading manufacturer, offers a wide range of broadcast and production products with a focus on cutting-edge technologies including HD, 4k and IP products.

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AMMUX, a spin-off of SipRadius, was founded by a number of talented technologists with a great deal of experience in networked multimedia streaming in particular. We deliver multiple IP solutions to the broadcast and cable industry for live production, post-production, and IP test and measurement products. Our complete line of software-based Linux embedded platforms with low latency media stream delivery range from SMPTE 2110, SDI, ASI, RF and NDI. Our product line features the new RIST error correction protocol standard and adds unique one-to-many and many-to-one “routing” options that will enhance your company’s ability to route high quality streams to all the locations they need to go.

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