Leader Hosts Test & Measurement Course for Creative Technology & NEP Ireland Graduate Training Program

Dublin, Ireland, February 7th, 2022 – As part of their commitment to the development of the broadcast media industry, Creative Technology Ireland and NEP Ireland have established a two-year graduate training program. This is open to academically qualified candidates who have successfully completed accredited industry courses. Accepted applicants will be able to integrate the theoretical knowledge by gaining practical skills in a professional setting. Subjects covered include vision, sound, lighting, rigging and technical services.

Leader Electronics was recently invited to present a two-day explanation of current and future test and measurement techniques. Day 1 began by introducing the core tools of broadcast test and measurement: waveform monitoring, chroma vectors, histograms, CIE color space, audio,

status, data eye patterns, jitter and real-time color monitoring.

This was followed by coverage of 4K/UHD television an

d related topics such as two-sample interleave, square division, frame rates, dynamic range and the transition from SDR to HDR production. A review then proceeded of the associated standards and the impact of the SMPTE ST.2110 standard on live television production.

Day 2 began with an introduction to the fundamental principles of electronic graphics, including image scanning, signal transport mechanisms, resolution, color space, sampling and bit depth. The afternoon session progressed from theory into the practical application of test and measurement techniques, culminating in Session 5 with an introduction to video-over-IP.


Scott Maguire, a current graduate in the Creative Technology & NEP Ireland program, commented on the skills he gained, as well as the overall experience: “The training was excellent. The presenter, Kevin Salvidge, was extremely knowledgeable about the technology and also in how to introduce the terminology to the class.”

“The core message in all our training activity is that accurate and repeatable test and measurement routines need to be accessible throughout the production process to ensure that the resultant content conforms to the client broadcaster’s specification,” says Leader engineering sales manager Kevin Salvidge. “We included a hands-on demonstration showing the ways in which our ZEN series portable waveform monitors and compact studio/OB-vehicle rasterizers can be used to monitor overall system performance from the point of capture by the camera crew, through post production and presentation to playout. We also demonstrated a remotely connected Leader LVB440 IP analyzer being used to check high bitrate media traffic in broadcast studios, OB vehicles, control galleries and transmission networks.” 

About Creative Technology Ireland

Creative Technology (www.ct-ireland.ie) is a major provider of technical AV production systems and services across many sectors including broadcasters, entertainment and sporting venues, and corporate multinational organizations.

About NEP

NEP (www.nepireland.ie) is a leading provider of outside broadcast and video facilities, including clients such as Premier League football, Champion’s League football, Six Nations Rugby, and virtually all major sporting and public broadcast events throughout the world.

About Leader Electronics Corporation

Leader Electronics Corporation (www.leader.co.jp/en) has earned a worldwide reputation for designing and manufacturing highly reliable, practical and powerful test and measurement instruments. Leader products are specified for broadcast, production, post-production, research, product development and service applications. Manufacturing quality is built in every step of the way.

The Leader product range includes award-winning 3G/HD/SD SDI waveform monitors and rasterizers, all with customizable layouts. Among the available options are 4K/UHD, CIE chroma chart, HDR measurement, test pattern generation, eye and jitter measurement, closed-caption display, IP and 12G/6G-SDI.

Leader has helped many customers manage their transition from analog to digital, from SD to HD, from HD to 4K/UHD, from SDR to HDR and from BT.709 to BT.2020 wide chroma gamut. Leader also provides SMPTE ST2022-7 and ST2110 support for the transition from SDI to IP.

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