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It can be a serious challenge to find ways to connect with your customers and intended audience. The shift to digital in recent years has only made this even more difficult, with people consuming online content at an unbelievably rapid pace.

As such, it’s no longer enough to simply produce content. Now it must be compelling and authentic or you risk getting lost in the noise.

One of the most popular new digital marketing strategies is video because it provides an exciting and engaging experience for consumers. Businesses everywhere are seeing the power of video in marketing, and the stats prove their value.

  • video in email increased click-through rate 200-300 per cent
  • a shocking 66 per cent of buyers are more likely to buy something after watching a promotional video
  • listings accompanied by a video receive 403 per cent more views and inquiries than those that aren’t

Still, even this new marketing technique is evolving at a rapid pace and the next marketing frontier is drone footage. While not every industry can benefit from this style of video, most can, including estate agents, event consultants, retailers, personal trainers, photographers, and more.

Super small Cinewhoop and FPV (First Person View) drones are the next big thing you can use to create compelling and exciting drone footage to promote your business and stand out from the crowd.

If you’ve thought about drone video, but aren’t convinced of its value just yet, you’re in the right place. Here are a few ways drone footage can boost your video marketing efforts.


1. Drone footage puts you ahead of your competition

Marketers who are actively working to master the newest trends, including drone footage, will be ahead of the game when Virtual Reality (VR) goes mainstream in the next few years. Many in the tech space believe this is likely to happen sooner than we think, with Facebook’s $2 billion dollar purchase of Oculus in 2014 and Apple’s recent purchase of three large virtual reality companies.

Stepping into the arena with drone footage gives you access to new resources and connections you may need to bring VR into your marketing in the future.

2. Drone footage can help you provide a more memorable experience

Drone footage is captivating—regardless of the video—and when do you want your potential customers to be most captivated and engaged? When they land on your website, Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media page where you hope they’ll make a purchase or follow a lead. Many small businesses can capitalise on this opportunity to catch the eye of potential customers at a crucial moment.

Quite often, the simple act of adding drone footage to the homepage of a business will lead to an increase in visitors and an increase in time spent on the homepage.

3. Drone footage can help you stand out!

You are at the forefront of marketing when you venture into drone video. Drone footage is tried and tested and helps yours stand out in social feeds and online. Just search for FPV or Cinewhoop marketing on YouTube. Sharing drone footage of a new property or piece of land would garner much more attention than a few photos, for example. This could lead to more referrals and first-time customers because suddenly you’re “the company that has those awesome drone videos!”

4. Drone footage can tell the same story—but better

One of the best ways to use drones footage for video marketing is to tell a complete story. The best part is, even when you tell the same story with regular video, it won’t be as impactful as using a drone because you can capture shots that are not otherwise possible. This gives a completely new life to videos of construction projects, product demonstrations, and partner and customer profiles.


Finally, it is important to note that you must have permission from the UK Civil Aviation Authority before you use a drone for commercial work in the UK. You must also have all the appropriate insurance, paperwork and permissions. Here at Aerialworx, we have been creating exciting and impactful drone footage for over 8 years, so rest assured that you’re in professional hands when it comes to capturing stunning and engaging drone video.

With that taken care of, you can set up the shot, get the drone in the air, and capture video that will blow your competition away.

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