Co-time any number of cameras with the reassurance of lip-sync 

J37, Media Production and Technology Show (MPTS), 15 – 16 May 2024: Hitomi Broadcast, a leader in audio/video alignment and latency solutions, demonstrated advancements in SMPTE ST2110 workflows ensuring broadcasters have the necessary tools for modern production environments, guaranteeing high-quality, efficient and synchronised content delivery.

As the media and entertainment industry faces challenges in live event coverage and remote production with increasing numbers of video and audio feeds to line up, Hitomi’s MatchBox technology offers the gold standard solution for lip-sync and latency issues.

The innovative MatchBox Glass app, working in conjunction with the MatchBox Analyser, streamlines the alignment process, measuring video path delays and lip-sync accuracy. In addition, Hitomi is leading the way with the development of a software alternative to its hardware analyser, allowing for a scalable solution, ideal for productions with numerous channels and distribution facilities.

Russell Johnson, Director of Hitomi: “Our new cloud-based MatchBox solution represents a significant leap forward in timing alignment technology. This innovative service not only simplifies the synchronisation process, but also introduces unparalleled flexibility to broadcasting operations.”


About Hitomi

Hitomi is a professional television broadcast equipment manufacturer located in the UK. Its flagship product ‘MatchBox’ measures lip synchronisation, latency, audio coherence and provides channel identification.  It is dedicated to helping customers achieve exceptional broadcasts. Hitomi technology is integrated into numerous systems worldwide and has been used for a multitude of high-profile events and productions. Hitomi’s engineering team has many decades of experience in professional broadcast manufacture, developing world-leading products to exacting standards. For more information, visit

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