GoSub has Announced New Additions to its Management Board

Renowned academic Jorge Díaz-Cintas and localization consultant Yota Georgakopoulou will assist in steering GoSub’s expansion

GoSub, Ooona’s media localization training services arm, GoSub has Announced New Additions to its Management Board. Today  Prof. Jorge Díaz-Cintas (co-author of the seminal coursebook Subtitling: Concepts and Practices) and Dr. Yota Georgakopoulou have joined its board as consultants. Their role is to help the division expand and offer training in new languages and audiovisual localization practices.

A well-established provider of online courses in media localization, GoSub was founded by Kelly O’Donovan, a seasoned subtitling operations manager who identified a need in the market for training services and decided to address it. GoSub started by offering English-based training in various aspects of subtitling. It joined the Ooona family in 2021 to receive the support needed to grow further.

“I believe in working towards the sustainability of our market,” says Ooona co-founder and CEO Wayne Garb. “Supporting GoSub in expanding its offering is in line with our philosophy of being able to serve the global media localization market. It is the same philosophy that led us to set up The Poool (https://the-poool.com/), enabling the market to address capacity and resources issues.”

“The current industry climate presents many opportunities for training initiatives, given the dearth of resources that have been identified across multiple languages,” explains Yota Georgakopoulou.

“There is a growing need for media localization services in new languages and in different media localization modes such as audio description and dubbing,” adds Jorge Díaz-Cintas. “We hope to help address this.”

“I am very pleased to be working with such accomplished experts to drive GoSub forward,” says Kelly O’Donovan, GoSub Head of Training & Development. “There has been a lot of demand for our courses and we have already started delivering them in languages other than English. We hope to be able to do much more now, catering to specific company needs and offering new courses. Stay tuned for further announcements!”

About GoSub

GoSub is a division of Ooona.Net Ltd. (www.Ooona.net) which focuses on providing training in media localization using state-of-the-art tools. With a variety of self-paced courses for individuals and bespoke offerings for groups, we help grow the next generation of media localization talent.

GoSub Announces New Additions to its Management Board.

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