New website for film

Website devoted to those passionate about cinematography dedolight has launched, a website devoted to those passionate about cinematography.

This is a movie-based website, featuring lighting demonstrations, interviews, behind the scenes footage, with everything relevant to cinematography and image creation. features new content to show off the latest lighting technology and developments in the dedolight range, and also draws on the vast achieve of material produced by dedolight over more than 40 years.

Rick Young, editor of, explains:

“I’ve been producing video content for dedolight for over 10 years. In this time we have produced many films. The idea of is to showcase the best of what has been produced, alongside new content which is being created every week. From the original “classic” dedolight, the DLH4, through to the latest range of battery powered focussing LED lights, and the Lightstream system, which uses parallel light shone into reflectors, we cover it all. The idea is to show what can be done and how to do it.”

Check out for movies, demos, and information relevant to anyone interested in cinematography.

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