At the NAB Create – Innovation Theater session in 2023, Hector Viguer and Miguel Churruca presented a talk titled “Enhancing Remote Connections With AR/VR Rich Content.” The duo introduced an innovative product launch from Brainstorm, a company specializing in 3D graphics, augmented reality, and virtual set solutions for the broadcast and film production industry.

During the session, Viguer and Churruca demonstrated how Brainstorm’s technology is enabling the industry to send remote talent feeds from any location using smartphones, integrate talent into live broadcasts or events using standard technology, and even add rich AR/VR media to video+tracking using smartphones. They also showcased how Brainstorm’s solutions enable teleportation of guests to shows or remote locations using current mobile technology.


With the inclusion of embedded tracking and on-site laptops, Brainstorm’s technology allows for the direct inclusion of rich media and AR. This innovative solution is set to revolutionize the industry by enabling the creation of immersive content that will captivate audiences.

Brainstorm’s latest product offerings were also launched at the event, including their award-winning 3D graphics, augmented reality, and virtual set solutions for broadcast and film production. Brainstorm’s technology promises to transform the way the industry creates and broadcasts content, with a focus on enhancing the audience’s viewing experience.

To learn more about Brainstorm’s innovative products and their impact on the industry, visit their website at

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