Audio Design Desk ADD to surpprise visitors at NAB 2022

Audio Design Desk is gearing up to present at this year’s NAB Show (Booth C9818) its public beta version of ADD Audio Bridge, a new audio extension to Final Cut Pro® that plugs powerful sound design tools directly into the FCP timeline. The Audio Design Desk or ADD is a new digital audio workstation that uses AI-assisted content creation tools to enable directors, editors, sound engineers, streamers and creators to create cinematic sound for video in seconds.    

Launched in May 2020, the ADD team has waited two years for the opportunity to “surprise” the visitors at NAB, the largest media and entertainment industry gathering in the United States.

“The NAB Show has long been the core of the media and entertainment industry, providing an opportunity for companies to share their latest innovations with the community. This year we are very excited to finally perform among our colleagues in Las Vegas for the first live show. since 2019,” said Gabriel Cowan, CEO of Audio Design Desk.    “We launched ADD in early 2020 and have expanded our powerful tools with premium integrations such as Final Cut Pro and, and added over 20,000 original sounds to our libraries. We are very grateful to all the people: directors, sound engineers, creatives – who participated in the evolution of ADD. For those who see this for the first time on NAB, get ready to be amazed!”   

Audio Design Desk, a sound design platform that can be used standalone or seamlessly integrated with non-linear editing systems such as Final Cut Pro® and Adobe® Premiere®, completely transforms the process of adding music and sound effects to an image, typically reducing it can be a whole day project in just a few minutes. ADD includes over 40,000 free sounds, loops and music cues in its library, each of which is assigned identification characteristics using Sonic Intelligence ™, and includes a built-in sync point for perfectly positioning sounds on the timeline. The user simply imports the video file into the application and presses the keys on the keyboard – H for beats, R for add-ons, D for drones, etc. – effectively using the QWERTY keyboard to play ADD like an instrument. New for NAB 2022 is the launch of ADD Audio Bridge, the native Audio Design Desk extension for Final Cut Pro.    Show Source Texts

The elegant integration will allow editors to create transitions, titles, fouls and music cues with a unique DAW built to find and place audio for videos directly in FCP. For the first time, video editors will be able to seamlessly create soundscapes for their projects in Final Cut Pro. Larry Jordan calls it “very cool!” 

Audio Design Desk recently won the Best Software award at CES 2022

Audio Design Desk 1.9 was voted Videomaker’s choice for Best Software of CES 2022!

“Audio Design Desk is an entirely new way to create with audio, combining a massive royalty-free sound and music library with a sampler and a digital audio workstation, becoming an all-in-one tool that lets creatives stay in the flow. With the release of 1.9, ADD works seamlessly with virtually every audio and video editing tool from Premiere to Final Cut Pro to Pro Tools to Logic,” says Gabriel Cowan, CEO of Audio Design Desk.

Audio Design Desk 1.9 delivers new audio and video tools like auto-compose, MIDI triggers, instant variations and more. The new release also features integration with Stream Deck, the popular control surface from Elgato. Along with that, Audio Design Desk is introducing AI-assisted ADD Tags as well as the first lite version of Audio Design Desk. It’s no wonder it was such a hit at CES 2022!

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