Ateliere Creative Technologies Launching Simplified Content Delivery Module at NAB 2022

 Ateliere Creative Technologies will demonstrate Connect/Parcel, a new workflow module of its Ateliere Connect cloud-native digital supply chain platform. Connect/Parcel is designed to simplify the workflow for packaging and delivering content, especially for customers with lower-scale content delivery requirements that want to operate and manage their own media delivery, saving time and money.

The technology preview further illustrates the continued evolution and flexibility of Ateliere Connect into a truly modular SaaS platform offering solutions to varied customer and industry types, wherever content is handled. Ateliere Connect  grows and scales with customers as they explore new ways to manage, distribute and monetize content.

“Connect/Parcel makes content delivery easy for content owners and creators with smaller libraries and simple delivery requirements,” said Dan Goman, CEO at Ateliere. “We are making it easy for customers who don’t need the full power of our digital supply chain platform. Connect/Parcel is perfect for content owners with smaller libraries and content creators or post-producers needing to deliver a few titles or a single series at a time.”

Ateliere Connect/Parcel builds upon the Ateliere Connect platform’s newly announced support for Apple iTunes packages via Apple Transporter using the ITMSP format, streamlining the delivery of all types of video content to the Apple storefront for electronic sell-through or streaming on Apple Channels. Connect/Parcel enables customers to deliver content in three clicks – upload content, select destination, QC and deliver.

The simplified workflow integration with Apple enables users to populate a minimum set of requirements through a pre-formatted CSV file. Once content is uploaded with a CSV file, Connect/Parcel validates the media and metadata before delivering the content to Apple – taking the burden of performing the necessary checks to ensure all assets and metadata are correctly formatted off the user.

Ateliere plans to expand Connect/Parcel to support simplified workflows for all major digital platforms. Details about price and availability are still to be announced.

Ateliere is the Platinum Partner for the Capitalize conference track at the NAB Show and will present two case studies on migrating digital supply chains to the cloud featuring a leading Hollywood studio. 

ABOUT ATELIERE CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIES Ateliere Entertainment Technologies is a leading cloud-native media supply chain company that empowers studios, broadcasters, and content creators to reach consumers globally. The Ateliere suite of SaaS solutions incorporates advanced workflows and formats to make the vision for a studio in the cloud a reality. The nucleus of the Ateliere platform, Ateliere Connect™, delivers core competencies in IMF, parallel scaling, and geographically distributed workflows. Ateliere is created and developed by a team of experts with decades of combined experience at leading tech companies, including Amazon, Dolby, HBO, Netflix, and Microsoft. Find out more

For more information and to meet with Ateliere at NAB, email [email protected]

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