Newly launched LunaBulb impresses judges with tradition and innovation

Munich, Germany — 4 July 2024

On the back of a successful exhibition at Euro Cine Expo 2024, Astera – a leading developer of innovative light solutions for film, event and TV markets – was proud to receive the Best of Show award conferred by The award was given for Astera’s remarkable new addition to its lighting portfolio: the LunaBulb, launched at the beginning of June. The win follows on from their previous success last year, in 2023, when Astera was shortlisted for their PlutoFresnel.

The LunaBulb mimics the appearance of a traditional bulb, but incorporates all the benefits of LED technology, meaning a lower power draw and full wireless control with incredible levels of precision when adjusting colour and brightness. With a focus on technological and design innovation, Best in Show judges were particularly impressed with how the LunaBulb granted gaffers both the creative and practical potential of a traditional and mainstay lighting solution, but incorporated technological advances and well-considered user design elements to deliver a more practical, flexible, adaptable and easy-to-use option. 

In terms of technical specifications, the LED-based LunaBulb consumes just 3.5 watts and is available with E26, E27, and B22 fittings. Use of the Titan LED engine – common to the whole Astera range – means precise, flicker-free control for both white levels (1,750 – 20,000K) and a range of colors (RGB, Mint, Amber), with RGB, HIS, XY, and Filter Gel options. This use of the Titan LED engine also means that the LunaBulb fits in seamlessly with other Astera lights, which have been designed as a full ecosystem to grant gaffers access to a comprehensive range of creative lighting solutions (including tubes, pucks, fresnels, spotlights and bulbs), all coordinated and controlled through a single source.


From a design perspective, the LunaBulb has been created so that it can quickly switch between a classic bulb and a slimline form via a spring-loaded clip, meaning that the lights can be used in versatile ways; either mimicking the aesthetic of a conventional bulb, or being placed in other lighting fixtures to provide a practical light source with a high degree of control and adaptability.

A particularly important part of the judge’s decision was not just the LunaBulb itself, but the PrepCase which accompanies the bulb. With this, configuration and setup are significantly streamlined, allowing eight bulbs to be pre-configured on the move – with the case itself being battery powered. The case generates auto-assigned DMX addresses and allows for bulb adjustments and groups to be made in-situ, or alternatively, users can choose to use Bluetooth Bridge, the Astera App or a set of Astera remotes to instantly adjust the bulbs, either individually or collectively. This makes the LunaBulb – and the wider Astera portfolio – adaptable to the preferred workflow of each user.

Speaking directly of their decision to award Astera Best in Show, Christine Gebhard, Editor-in-Chief of, said: “”It can be difficult to evaluate film products across so many different categories, from Astera’s small LunaBulb to large-scale, €200k camera. But we simply fell in love with the concept being forwarded by Astera; fitting the most advanced and innovative LED technology in the exact shape of a 150-year old bulb design.”


Ben Díaz, Head of PM of Astera, continued on this theme: “Combining tradition with innovation is one aspect that often influences design at Astera. Many lighting solutions of the past are beautiful in their aesthetic, and carry with them a tradition, history and convention which it is important to maintain in film-making. With lights such as our LunaBulb and PlutoFresnel, we aren’t trying to change or erase the beauty of that traditional lighting form, but simply make it more effective, efficient, practical, accessible and flexible for lighting creatives”.

He continued: “On the other hand, some of our range is a full revolution not just in terms of technology, but lighting aesthetic also – for instance, with our TitanTube. By bringing both tradition and innovation together under the Titan LED engine, we provide lighting directors with the ability to honour tradition or break new ground with their vision, without disrupting the workflows that they have developed. We are pleased, proud and honoured to have received this award, which recognises this underpinning philosophy”.

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About Astera GmbH

Astera – a German-based hardware and software manufacturer – develops ground-breaking wireless LED-based technologies for lighting professionals working in any environment or space. A key player in the film and event lighting industries, Astera maintains an industry-leading reputation for its forward-thinking approach to both creative lighting design and intuitive user workflows, built to meet the needs of a wide range of professionals across film, television, events and video. Driven by a mindset of excellence, innovation and quality, Astera’s attention to detail, aesthetics, and practicality have made them a trailblazer and an industry standard in the field of remote-controlled LED lighting.

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